Nikki Neurohr (Nu-Roar) is an American actress, model, writer, producer, and director. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA to artist Sherry (Hutchison) Serafini and entrepreneur Greg Serafini, Nikki discovered her passion for entertaining others at a young age. Having faced significant trauma in childhood, Nikki found performance as an outlet and became a truly empathetic storyteller. Nikki has been creating and crafting stories since childhood, using her bard-like abilities to help others escape unfortunate circumstances and situations. The passion to emotionally move people easily lead to her career in the entertainment industry.

Professionally trained at several institutions (The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, 2021) (Point Park University, 2014) and becoming known for her dynamic performances across the Northeast, Nikki brings intensity and grit to each role she prepares with the passion and drive unique to Nikki. Not just one to stand in front of the audience, her production background includes working on television sets (NBC Universal) (A&E Television) and indie production crews as well as being the owner & executive producer of production company “Little Pinwheel Productions.

From theatrical stages to film and television screens; intimate audiences to national networks and features, including upcoming dark comedy Baggage Claim (2023) written, directed and starring Nikki Neurohr, which is aiming to hit audiences Fall 2023 – Nikki Neurohr is there.

Nikki Neurohr is currently represented by Hilda Morfi at Glitter Talent Agency.

“Nikki is unafraid to embrace challenges, works beautifully with others and sets an example by how she goes about her work. She is smart, generous, resourceful and game.”
Nurit Monacelli
Acting & Scene Instructor
American Academy of Dramatic Arts

“Nikki is a fierce performer. Her energy and enthusiasm for every project is off the charts. Her ability to transform into any character is only surpassed by her ability to listening which is the cornerstone of acting. She is easy to work with and is an incredibly generous scene partner.”
Mat Young
Artistic Director
Dessert First Productions

“I have worked with international celebrities as well as young and old, seasoned prose and newcomers to the arts. One of the most notable is a young woman: Nikki Neurohr. In all my years, I can say I’ve never met someone as easy to work with yet as amazingly talented as Nikki.”
Lou Ursone
Artistic Director
Curtain Call LLC

“Nikki really was a light in class. I so enjoyed her commitment, intelligence, and light!”
Scott Thompson
Dance & Movement Instructor
American Academy of Dramatic Arts


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